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Since its launch in 2014, YOKE magazine was part of the resurgence of indie print in Australia, driven by its mission to expand new conscious conversations. The aim and ethos was to encourage people to connect and nurture themselves, each other and the planet through a shared experience of creation and creativity, reminding readers to live joyfully in the small moments, sharing stories of difference and highlighting the modern relevance of ancient ideas. Circ. 25k + distributed nationally and International.

Founding Editor Creative Director Cynthia Sciberras

Deputy Editor Dominique Antarakis

Graphic Designer Natalie Behjan

what was created?

YOKE connected a tribe of people: ethical human beings searching for meaningful connection and eager to find ways to make positive social change in the world through merging deeper and creative thinking and an exploration into what it means to be a well-being.

YOKES conscious readers are inspired by real-life content and want to explore and live in a community filled with a renewed inner life and social imagination. They are forward thinking, environmentally aware and health conscious.

collaborative approach

As storytellers that bring about change through exploring different and exciting ways to collaborate, YOKE shares diverse cultures and values, along with a shared adventurous civility that is needed for our time.

Aiming to reaching beyond the transactional advertising approach of traditional media and seek out the right brands and organisations that share the same ethos, philosophy and vision: the power of unity and creativity to inspire transformation.

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long-valued creative partnerships

FRINGE UNYOKED was an ongoing collaborative Creative Partnership with the Sydney Fringe Festival (2015–2019), that successfully created tailored workshops, live music and spoken–word events, panel discussions and long–table dinners.


The aim was to broaden the conversations that nurture creative confidence, get people in their bodies and out of their head, and encourage conversation and debate with audiences and artists alike.


In 2019 M_a_k_i_n_g_ _R_o_o_m_ _t_o_ _C_r_e_a_t_e_ _a_n_d_ _E_v_o_l_v_e_ _T_o_g_e_t_h_e_r_ in the heart of Sydney was a specially curated and activated space featuring multiple daily events and a pop-up contemporary art gallery.

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creation through community gatherings

These regular gatherings are a living breathing continuum of YOKE’S ethos: to increase positive impact and expansion with our hearts, minds, and efforts.

supper UNYOKED aims to invoke and build community through conversation at intimate sit-down dinners, to listen deeply to special guest speakers on different topics. Located at YOKE HQ, its aim is to explore more deeply what we could become if we took up the mantle of co-creation collectively.


Periodicity Biannual

Launch January 2014

City/Country Sydney/Australia/Gadigal Country

Dimensions 265mm x 200mm

Number of Pages 112-128

RRP from AUD $15-$19


YOKE is proud to be an independent magazine which does not accept advertising. We are a reader-supported publication, promoting creative and independent journalism and the collaboration of talented Creatives to bring it to life.


100% Environmentally Friendly. This independent publication is printed locally on Carbon Neutral, 100% recycled paper, vegetable inks.


This is a subscriber-supported, independently produced high-quality eco-friendly print magazine. Published, printed and distributed within Australia by YOKE PUBLICATIONS.

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