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Vacuum III
4K Video, 2021

In Vatanajyankur’s new performative video series titled ‘Air’, she explores her continuing “Body as Objects” methodology to address the state of polluted air. Within her 4 videos, Vatanajyankur transforms her body into a vacuum as an interpretation of lungs breathing in ‘air’. 


Vatanajyankur constructs a makeshift house to highlight the invasive result of air pollution which imitates the reality of ‘dust’ pollution. Using a living space as a factor, she challenges the idea of ‘assumed’ safety.  The structure of the architectural space is compared to the corporeal which acts as a container; an outer skin. The interior, on the other hand, resembles the internal organs such as the human lung. In other words, the constructed house is itself the human body. 


Through her juxtaposition of colorful-like palette and satirical nature, the vacuum absorbs dust until the vibrance and brightness is finally seen. Brightness is a recognition of optimism while dust indicates desaturation. In symbolic of hope and death, Vatanajyankur attempts to story tell the message of universality of life and dust. 


The visual imagery of dark to bright and blur to sharp which occurred through an intensive and repetitive action of breathing examines the reflection of human conditions such as existence and death, labour and work, effort and struggle. In a crucial manner, ‘Air’ is a criticism towards the nature of ignorance, the severity of the situation, and emphasis for environmental concerns. ​

Text: PK Vanasirikul

Portrait: Thailand Tatler

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