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CM is a professional community of passionate storytellers and creative experts who create and amplify aligned brands with mastery, magic and authenticity.


Like the women we serve, we have come together to deepen our impact and change the dominant narrative. We want to raise women, raise consciousness, and raise the bar of our collective wellspring.

The CM stable offers independent creative services including:

  • graphic design

  • illustration

  • moving & still photography

  • strategic planning

  • facilitation & innovation

  • design thinking

  • marketing communication.





we Serve
women who see their seat at the table and speak for the greater good

we Celebrate
fierce hearts, shared wisdom, brave ventures, and creative minds

we Hunger
to change the narrative, raise women, and the bar


spin, fluff or puff

We’re leaders, listeners, nurturers and warriors,

We are gentle, clever, soft and strong.

We are all these things and more.


Therein lies our magic.

We are here to serve your new business, event, creative venture.

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